B’s Moto Lab/JM Racing of Kansas Now A Cobra Motorcycles Dealer

B’s Moto Lab/JM Racing of Kansas is very excited to announce that we are now a Cobra Motorcycles dealer. While maintaining a strong relationship with our current customers, we are very excited about the latest addition to our business to help out the little guys and help shape the future of our sport.

We will be working to build up our parts inventory as quickly as possible. We plan on keeping most everything in stock to get you guys back on the track whenever a breakdown might occur. Effective immediately, we can special order any parts as well as any of the new Cobra models that you see on www.cobramoto.com.

In addition to having parts and tools at the shop, we plan on having high-demand parts and special tools with us on the trackside support van to make sure our Motorcycle Mechanics Institute certified technicians can help you guys out at the track and make sure your little guy or gal doesn’t miss a race.

Please contact us for any and all of your Cobra needs. From new bike sales, to parts and service, we look to be your one stop shop for everything motocross related.