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How to set rider sag

  1. Put the bike on a stand to fully unload the rear wheel
  2. Take the first measurement (or zero out your sag scale) from the rear axle to a fixed point in line with the arc of the axle (usually the fender and number plate junction area or the rear fender bolt under the rear fender).
  3. Place the bike on a solid, flat piece of ground, have the rider get on the bike and bounce up and down a few times to overcome any stiction within the shock. Sit on the seat in a comfortable riding position with both feet on the pegs with your hips straight above the foot pegs. It’s easiest to have a third person hold the bike during this step. Take the measurement from the exact same two points as explained in step two. The difference between the first and second measurement is our rider sag number. (I.E. 605mm-503mm=102mm rider sag)
  4. Put the bike back on the stand and adjust the shock spring as needed to achieve the desired sag number.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the desired sag number is achieved. Tighten the shock preload ring.
  6. Take one more measurement with the bike sitting on the ground and the rider off of the bike. The difference is your unloaded measurement (Step 2) is your free sag number. This should be recorded after the rider sag has been set to the desired number. Free sag should only be used to see if you have the correct spring rate on your bike.

Shorter terms

  1. Put the bike on the stand to unload the rear wheel.
  2. Take the first measurement between the axle and fender.
  3. Put the bike on level ground and sit on the bike with both feet on the pegs and bounce the bike.
  4. Take second reading and the difference is your free sag.

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