WP Suspension Authorized Center

B’s Moto Lab is happy to announce that we are a WP Suspension Authorized Center. Our customers can now purchase WP pro components from us and even have them installed on their new KTM or GasGas motorcycle when you buy it off of our showroom floor. WP suspension manufactures components for every brand and style of two wheeled machine. Whether it be a KTM mini bike, Japanese motocross bike, a BMW street bike, or a KTM Adventure bike, WP suspension is there for all your pro component needs. Being a WP Authorized Center allows us to sell the entire line up of WP pro components and ensures that we will have all of the training and resources necessary to properly service any WP component, regardless of motorcycle brand or riding application. WP is the OEM suspension provider for all new KTM, GasGas, and Husqvarna motorcycles. B’s Moto Lab Suspension Services has long been a place that can perform a standard revalve or service on your OEM WP components. Now that we are armed with the resources that come along with being a WP Authorized Center, we will be able to take those services to the next level.

For more detailed information, or to purchase WP Suspension Products, please call 316-516-9760


    XACT PRO 7548


XACT PRO 8950 


  APEX PRO 7500 


  • Lightweight construction
  • More comfort when using harder set-ups
  • All adjustments made externally
  • No sealing surface so minimum drop of pressure after valves opens
  • Unlimited opening up of WP Cone Valve so harshness reduced
  • No shims, therefore no loss of damping because of bent shims
  • HQ coating


  • TXN adjuster guarantees, more rebound damping and more control
  • Bladder improves the ride and makes it smoother
  • You feel more confident and you have more comfort
  • You feel more grip traction of the rear wheel, you accelerate faster
  • The rider experiences much less physical strain
    • Advanced Closed Cartridge technology suitable to retrofitting
    • High performance and good response in any situation
    • More confidence at all times due to good ground contact
    • All aluminium parts CNC - machined and anodized
    • Fully adjustible with standard tools
    • Reduces tyre abrasion and improves the handling generally