Service Work Order Form

Please print this form, fill it out, and ship it with your engine and suspension components.     
Contact Name:______________________________________________Date:____________________
Phone Number:__________________________________ E-mail: ______________________________
Name of Rider:_________________________ Rider Number:__________ Rider Weight:    __with gear without gear (please check one)
Rider Height: ___________ Ability/Class:________________________ Hours on Components:________
Bike Year:____________ Bike Make:________________________ Bike Model:____________________     
Type of Riding (MX, SX, Offroad, etc.):____________________ Terrain (Hard, Soft):__________________ 
Other Information:_______________________________________________________________________ 
Suspension Item Sent In: ☐ Forks ☐ Shock ☐ Other: ________________________________
Suspension Services Requested: ☐ Revalve ☐ Standard Service ☐ Re-Spring Only
Description of Work to be performed :______________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ 
Likes/Dislikes of the current set up: ________________________________________________
Engine Item Sent In: ☐ Complete Motor ☐ Head ☐ Cylinder ☐ Carburetor
Engine Services Requested: ☐ AMA Stock Pkg. ☐ Mod Package ☐ Standard Rebuild
Description of Work to be performed :______________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________
Likes/Dislikes of the current set up: ________________________________________________
Return Shipping Information: ☐ Next Day Air ☐ 2-Day Air ☐ 3-Day Air ☐ Ground
Ship To:__________________________________ Address:____________________________________ City:_____________________________________ State:__________ Zip/Postal Code:______________ 
Tracking Email:_______________________________________________________________________
The information below is optional. Calling with a card over the phone and Paypal are suitable options.
Billing Information Name on Credit Card:__________________________________________________ 
Card Number:___________________________________ Exp. Date:__________ 3-Digit Code:_______ 
Billing Address:_______________________________________________________________________
City:_________________________________ State/Prefecture:_______ Zip/Postal Code:____________ 
B’s Moto Lab LLC - 6315 Crestmark St. Bel Aire, Ks 67220 - 316-516-9760 -
"I hereby authorize the repair work hereinafter set forth to be done along with the necessary material and agree that you are not responsible for loss or damage to vehicle, components, or articles left in/on vehicle/components in case of fire, theft or any other cause beyond your control or for any delays caused by unavailability of parts or delays in parts shipments by the supplier or transporter. I hereby grant you and/or your employees permission to operate the vehicle/components herein described on streets, highways or elsewhere for the purpose of testing and/or inspection. An express mechanic's lien is hereby acknowledged on the above vehicle/components to secure the amount of repairs thereto."
Signature X ________________________________________________Date:____________________